Caring Touch Massage Therapy
Katrina Shafer, CLMT, Owner
10 Union St., Natick, Ma 01760  508-655-5010


60 minute- $100
75 minute- $115
90 minute- $130
Thai 90 minute - $140
90 minute Hot Stone- $160
120 minute Hot Stone Deep Tissue $210

Gift Certificates Available

 Your First Visit

  In order to tailor your massage to get the best possible results, you will be
  asked to complete a brief, one page medical history form You may email
  this to the office prior to your visit or bring it with you for your first
  Before beginning the massage, Katrina will review the form with you to
  better understand your specific needs.

  To begin, the client will lie on a heated table and will always be draped
  except for the limb that is being treated. We use a combination of oils
  and lotions and will check with you frequently to be sure you are      

Sessions range from an hour to 1 1/2 hours and can be scheduled here.

  As a highly skilled, licensed massage therapist I am committed to
  providing exceptional therapeutic massage in a quiet and peaceful

10 Union Street Suite 3
Natick Center, Ma. 01760

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